About Us


Getvov.com was launched in November 2020.


Our Vision


Making it easier for consumers to make more sustainable and healthy living choices, whilst having a positive impact on the planet.


Getvov is on a mission to promote a more sustainable future and believes in supporting everyone no matter where they are in their journey for a more sustainable lifestyle. Whilst the online marketplace focuses on plant-based products, it is not only for vegans! The products available are to be enjoyed by those who might be starting their green journey, those who have been flying the flag for a while or those who are simply curious about making low-impact choices. 


Together, with the brands we host on the marketplace. Getvov creates a hub that aims to educate consumers on how many vegan-friendly options are out there, and encourages individuals to make healthy living choices. All the products on Getvov.com are free from animal by-products and sustainably made.


Embarking on their own environmental journey, Getvov understands that it is not always easy being green, but hopes that by sharing affordable and eco-friendly options it can be more accessible. By showing simple ways to live a plant-based lifestyle Getvov hopes to inspire people to live better and work towards a better future. 


Our Founder


Getvov.com is led by our Founder and CEO Gary Hadfield, a passionate eCommerce leader who has embraced veganism as part of his journey.


“What was important to me when conceptualizing Getvov.com was that it would be a platform that promotes sustainability, animal welfare and actively encourages consumers and organizations to make more healthy and ethical choices. That all our products would be free from animal by-products and sustainably made, but would also encourage flexitarians, vegetarians and a broader cross-section of consumers to come on the journey with us. “